Custom Japanese Calligraphy

This scroll is for sale. Price is $5,000.00. It will include a kiribako. The scroll is in the fukuro hyougu style with a kinjiku style jikusaki, and kodai san iro kakehimo. For purchasing information contact to

Scroll Design Services

After downloading your copy of the scroll design workbook, you may still have questions. We are always available to give you advice on what cloths will work for your commissioned scroll. Please contact to us at

Imported Silks & Accents

CJC imports a wide assortment of Japanese scroll making equipment and materials. Some of the items are pictured with explanations.


Scrollmaking Classes and Education

I conduct group and private classes on how to make a wallscroll. Class prices vary based on different factors. All classes require the use of my book titled "How to Make Handmade Wallscrolls", published by Xlibris.

English & Japanese Translation

Do you have an idea for something to be written on the scroll, but do not know how to start the process of having it translated into Japanese? Send us some information. We are glad to get it done for you. Click this button for a sample translation of the scroll pictured in this link.

Display Consultation

I am a student of a display style called Gaddou, which is the Elegant Way. It has many principles to help layout the design of a display for Bonsai, Ikebana or Feng Shui. These links are for some of the displays in which I have been involved.

Scrollmaking Class

Seki Kazari 2010

First Place Seki Kazari 2013

First Place 4th US National Bonsai Exhibition

Video that shows my Scroll