Company Profile

Custom Japanese Calligraphy


Founded: 2009

Owner: Jonathan Maples


Areas of expertise:  Kakejiku, Byoubu, English to Japanese Translation, Feng Shui, Martial Arts, Bonsai and Ikebana display, and Fine Art Sumi Framing 

Where Every Scroll is as Unique as You!

Custom Japanese Calligraphy

Custom Japanese Calligraphy is a business in the United States that creates custom scrolls for artwork and Shodou (calligraphy) from start to finish.  We do the entire process in-house and do not outsource textile framing to China or Japan to provide a custom made kakejiku.

KAKEJIKU, HYOUGU and KAKEMONO are some of the terms in Japanese to indicate a hanging wall scroll.  These came into fashion about 800 A.D. as individuals wanted their calligraphy or sumie works to be ‘dressed in a kimono’.  CJC does not make our Japanese style scrolls on low quality paper or cloth.  Only the best hanshi and silk materials imported direct from Japan are selected to make each scroll customized and unique. We can not only frame Calligraphy or Sumie Works, but can also do photographs and art prints in this format as well.