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CJC was founded by Jonathan Maples. He trained in Tokyo, Japan by a prominent Hyousoushi. Hyousoushi are individuals who make scrolls, folding screens, sliding paper doors and other products. Yoshimi "Ryugyoku" Maples is the calligrapher, who has a shihan rank with the Shunjuu Shodokai headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. View scrolls at our blog.


Custom Japanese Calligraphy provides all of the help and service needed to create and display a scroll to each clients exact specifications and needs. Contact us at the button below.

You can feel confident in working with Custom Japanese Calligraphy (CJC) to design a scroll that will provide a unique gift for Home Decor, Businesses, Restaurant, Dojos, Bonsai/Ikebana display.Visit our shopping site at www.shop.customjapanesecalligraphy.com

You may also dowload a free PDF file to help design a scroll at the button below.

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"Dear Jonathan Maples & Mrs. Maples, I received the Scroll today. I was so delighted when I unpacked it. The Scroll is a beautiful piece of art that my family and I will long treasure. The translation was so moving and inspiring - I think God surely directed my attention to your booth at the art show.  Thank you for your e-mails, keeping me up to date on your progress. Thank you for making me smile all day." Nikki

"Jonathan. My scroll arrived yesterday---Beautiful! (again). Thank you. I'm sure we will be communicating at a later date. All the best!

Bill T., Colorado

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"I received the scroll- beautiful! Nice touch with the certificate as well."

Allen S., California

Visit our blog at: www.wallscroll.blogspot.com